System Integrator


System Integrator

System Integration

IBM AS/400 Hardware Solutions

  • Upgrade:

    If your system platform relies on IBM AS/400, we can provide you with refurbished whole system or component to complete or compliment it.

  • AS/400 Maintenance:

    Keep your systems operational with technicians, parts and all the resources necessary standing by to respond quickly. Similar to an insurance policy we will be standing by to keep your systems running smoothly.

  • Rental:

    VenSys rental service is the great way to fill the requirement of short term IT without spending a lot of costs. It configures your business needs and delivers right to your doorstep. A variety of rental plans are available depending upon your company's needs.

  • Network and Infrastructure:

    OWhen you need a well-designed Network and Cabling System, let the professionals at VenSys do the work and let your IT staff have peace of mind.