Messaging Warehouse


Messaging Warehouse

Eastnets Messaging Warehouse

With Eastnets Messaging Warehouse, you can eliminate the headaches involved with handling huge amounts of data. Real‐time monitoring and alerts, powerful analytics and reporting, and easy information extra

Key Features

  • Archive all information
  • Store SWIFT traffic and all of its related information in one place for as long as needed, ready for investigations and extractions.

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Carry out analysis, investigations and audits quickly and efficiently, with comprehensive reporting tools

  • Simplify audit procedures
  • Automate your long‐term statistical analysis and extract data in multiple formats, including PDF, Excel and Word

  • Provide advanced ISO 20022 experience
  • Store ISO20022 traffic, search, and dynamically extract data, with an efficient view of multi‐format ISO20022 messages, including SWIFT Cross‐Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+)

  • A secure, safe and controlled environment
  • With an exact picture of SWIFT traffic – and domestic payments in a safe location with read‐only access – the Eastnets Messaging Warehouse allows effective risk management.